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KB3439 SGOS accepts a limit of 16 HTTP 100 Continue responses from a HTTP Server 19 Sep 22, 2009 
KB6160 Why have X-Client-IP and X-Server-IP been added in ICAP header? 65 34 days ago 
KB6017 Logging user details and allowing all outbound Internet access (not denying anyone). 182 Jan 16, 2012 
KB6112 What are the OIDs for the sensors on the ProxySG 900-10B? 199 65 days ago 
KB6186 How can I control Internet access based on Internet Explorer version and Windows version (i.e IE8.0 running on WindowsXP)? 206 20 days ago 
KB6182 WCCP causes routing loop because it redirects traffic to the port which set to bypass. How to exclude proxy connected interface from WCCP redirect in setting? 244 21 days ago 
KB6133 POST request is not authenticating 273 49 days ago 
KB6040 I cannot find a time zone representing IST(India Standard Time). 296 107 days ago 
KB6010 How to copy configuration in CLI? 319 120 days ago 
KB6148 Tunneled traffic using CONNECT is allowed when the destination port is not 443 348 44 days ago 
KB6143 How can I display static bypass list hits-count and statistics? 348 45 days ago 
KB6155 and connections fail with explicit proxy deployment 350 41 days ago 
KB6088 Page not fully loaded on certain section of Changi Airport website 354 80 days ago 
KB6107 ProxySG appliance is getting RST from a client as soon as the TCP session is established 364 69 days ago 
KB6079 Policy re-evaluation can deny previously allowed transaction if Force action (such as force_deny or force_exception) is applied with sub-optimal layer order. 368 84 days ago 
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