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KB5527 How to schedule a reboot on ProxySG appliance 3,432 49 days ago 
KB6100 Why am I unable to see the User/Group setting in ProxyClient Web filtering? 488 79 days ago 
KB6032 Interface link down event is not sent to Syslog server when SNMP Trap is enabled 859 121 days ago 
KB5959 Two-way URL rewrite breaks when a URL scheme contains an uppercase character 1,605 167 days ago 
KB5910 How does ProxySG evaluate Proxy-services on two intercept services with the same port 1,412 203 days ago 
KB5882 Proxy management console is giving security warning “The application’s digital signature has an error” 1,024 218 days ago 
KB5773 Windows Domain logon is very slow when EPMapper interception is enabled 1,124 282 days ago 
KB5647 Unable to access certain HTTPS sites with certain browsers when force-secure-renegotiation is enabled 2,050 350 days ago 
KB5638 An error is displayed when a configuration containing the Forwarding sequence entry 'sequence' is present 1,139 356 days ago 
KB5635 Proxy returns SYN-ACK packets via wrong interface when the incoming SYN packet had a non-0 VLAN priority 1,639 357 days ago 
KB5576 Window-Scaling is enabled on my proxy, but it's still only using a scale-factor of 1 1,194 Mar 29, 2013 
KB5568 Error: % Internal error describing services after upgrade to SGOS 755 Mar 27, 2013 
KB5471 Unable to view videos from Youtube with iPhone or iPad due to Range header and reuse of HTTP Client Persistent connections 2,874 Feb 3, 2013 
KB5372 An example of IPv6 two-way URL rewrite (TWURL) 3,235 Dec 15, 2012 
KB5330 BCAAA might miss some logon sessions for Windows SSO 1,858 Nov 4, 2012 
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