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KB5928 Cannot find the Flash Statistics in Streaming History on the ProxySG appliance 709 191 days ago 
KB5925 How do I bypass ICAP REQMOD (Request Modification) for specific URLs? 634 195 days ago 
KB5924 Why doesn't the ICAP Best Practices policy include a bypass ICAP service for large files? 1,264 195 days ago 
KB5915 Cannot uninstall old version of BCAAA as it is missing from Add/Remove Programs 1,667 198 days ago 
KB5913 PDF form upload fails "User-Agent=AcroForms" 581 202 days ago 
KB5912 What is LSA and why is it showing high usage in the in CPU monitor? 529 202 days ago 
KB5910 How does ProxySG evaluate Proxy-services on two intercept services with the same port 1,408 203 days ago 
KB5903 What URL does the ProxySG contact for updates and support 829 205 days ago 
KB5298 The ProxySG appliance fails to load the default SGOS image. 2,629 206 days ago 
KB5902 Unable to upgrade Apple iPhone iOS 686 206 days ago 
KB5895 How to Suppress Tracking Cookies on SSL Traffic 496 210 days ago 
KB5234 The page times out or is inaccessible from the network. 1,732 211 days ago 
KB5894 Unable to map shared folders from AS400 servers 816 211 days ago 
KB5893 ProxySG console shows “Cannot find a network adapter configured with an ip address” 612 211 days ago 
KB5882 Proxy management console is giving security warning “The application’s digital signature has an error” 1,024 217 days ago 
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