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KB5405 ReporterVA could not create 2,467  
KB5077 Repoter9.3.3.1 updates previous content for Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language support. 1,604  
KB4354 What to expect from Blue Coat Triage when having ProxySG issues with a particular website 9,339 32 days ago 
KB6136 WebPulse/URL Categories feature not working due to DNS resolution error 380 40 days ago 
KB6138 user.login.log_out_other policy might not logout authenticated users 655 49 days ago 
KB6012 Create a custom exception page that pre-populates URL for category review at the WebPulse Site Review website 1,316 121 days ago 
KB5921 Why is the iPhone Chrome browser indicating error "NSURLErrorDomain -999" when using SSL Interception in Bluecoat Cloud? 609 192 days ago 
KB5298 The ProxySG appliance fails to load the default SGOS image. 2,613 201 days ago 
KB5806 How to Demo Cloud 1,071 266 days ago 
KB5717 Blue Screen with ThreatPulse client connector and Microsoft Skydrive client installed 803 303 days ago 
KB5701 How to get GoToMeeting to work with the Cloud service? 860 306 days ago 
KB5654 How do I redirect users to Bluecoat Site Review when users access a URL categorized as "none" or "uncategorized"? 1,981 340 days ago 
KB5651 How do I connect to through the Threatpulse Cloud? 925 343 days ago 
KB5622 Error "500 Invalid PORT Command" occurs while connecting to an FTP server 1,763 358 days ago 
KB5613 Blue Coat Cloud - Changes in Web Applications - Web Applications Disabled 764 362 days ago 
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