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KB6138 user.login.log_out_other policy might not logout authenticated users 677 53 days ago 
KB5410 What is the maximum number of SSH sessions to the ProxySG appliance? 1,458 53 days ago 
KB5409 ProxyAV shows that the license is expired or inactive after a reboot 740 53 days ago 
KB6135 After upgrading SGOS to 6.5.2.x, I get a deprecation warning for 'im.method' or im.message' when I install policy. 295 54 days ago 
KB6134 Getting authentication popups when authenticating on a child and a parent (upstream/downstream) proxy 623 54 days ago 
KB6133 POST request is not authenticating 287 54 days ago 
KB6129 How can I limit bandwidth per user/user group? 262 56 days ago 
KB6128 How to start the Sun One Directory Server on startup if the service fails to register on Windows Server 2008 315 56 days ago 
KB6127 Can I edit the the Accelerator Cookie used for forwarding load balancing? 350 56 days ago 
KB6126 Why does my proxy display "interface not intercepting" under Active Sessions-> Bypassed connections 326 57 days ago 
KB6125 Securing the CacheFlow Management Console 408 57 days ago 
KB6124 Error "SOCKET EOF condition detected on receive" received when download Blue Coat Web Filter (BCWF) database 486 58 days ago 
KB6123 Updated Java, now having issues logging into Management Console. 280 58 days ago 
KB6122 How do I block / stop a Java application update in transparent ProxySG? 595 58 days ago 
KB6120 Error message: ""The SG's time is out of sync with Active Directory" 518 61 days ago 
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