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TFA47 Director unable to push an overlay to any ProxySG that has been upgraded to SGOS 4,950 Nov 1, 2010 
TFA48 SGOS build 51708 shows as SGOS - New SGOS build with correct version now available 4,501 Nov 4, 2010 
TFA50 Access Denied (or allowed) on SGOS 5.5.x or 6.1.1.x when ICAP enabled and Auth layer not first layer 4,967 Nov 11, 2010 
TFA52 Akamai traffic is blocked as Malicious Sites when using SmartFilter 7,339 Dec 16, 2010 
TFA56 SGOS 6.x licensing issues with ProxySG 300 and 600 5,008 Feb 3, 2011 
TFA59 Restart in SGOS and when HTTP handoff is enabled 6,681 Mar 4, 2011 
TFA65 Regenerating a software license for ProxySG 300-5 and 9000-5/10/20 units adds an SSL-Proxy license; in some cases, this can cause SSL traffic to be blocked 9,018 May 24, 2011 
TFA76 peers unable to communicate with manager running 6.2.3.x or older SGOS releases. 3,461 Sep 19, 2011 
TFA117 New BCWF BUFF file update displays message with "ERROR" in older SGOS versions. 4,379 359 days ago 
TFA119 Blue Coat Provides Temporary Patches for Licensing Subsystem Upgrade 4,468 311 days ago 
TFA121 Important BCAAA Update 2,909 255 days ago 
TFA122 Upcoming Blue Coat URL Category Updates/Changes 19,567 215 days ago 
TFA129 Initiating a restart on ProxySG hangs or does not complete 2,171 156 days ago 
TFA131 ProxySG and Director Management Consoles cannot load after Java update 3,850 94 days ago 
TFA132 Traffic Still Passing Through Bridge Even When It Is Disabled On ProxySG 1,477 87 days ago 
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