How do I collect the Debug Log Files and Configuration Sets for Proxy RA?

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Published date:    11/15/2010


Typically these files will be required for any Proxy RA Case so you want to generate and collect them early in the case or even prior to submitting the SR with Blue Coat.

The Configuration Policy Set is the easiest method and it contains information related to how the Proxy Client Connections that are downloaded to the Clients computers should be configured to provide them access. Typically this will cover the most common type of simple access or information content problems. In order to collect it, login to your Proxy RA appliance and execute the following from the GUI

To collect and export the policy set:

  1. Select Maintenance > Policy Open/Save.
  2. Click Save Policy Set and type the name of the policy to be saved.
  3. To export the policy set, click Export Policy Sets.
  4. Save the file ‘savedPolicySet-<FQDN name of the gateway>.zip’ on a local machine.              

The other file you will want to gather is the RA Server Debug Logs. What those logs maintain is dependant upon the mode they are set to. Capturing the most detail requires that the debug mode be set to Low Level. Under other circumstances the Normal Debug logs may be sufficient.

To enable the Low Level Log:

  1. Select Maintenance > Troubleshooting.
  2. In the Low-Level Logs area, check Enabled.
  3. Click Save.

Repeat the behavior that caused the problem the user is seeking help with. ideally by the user but if not by an Administrator for the Customers RA Server infrastructure.

To download the gateway diagnostic logs:

  1. Select Maintenance > Troubleshooting.
  2. In the Download Log section, click Download.
  3. Click Save and name the file ‘bluecoat-ra-info.<FQDN name of the gateway>.tar.gz’ on a local machine.

Do not forget to set the Debug mode back to normal after completing the download. Low Level Logging can seriously impact a users drive space in a surprisingly short time.

You can also obtain these via the CLI:

In the CLI:

  1. Manually edit the /opt/permeo/debug.conf file.
  2. Turn on debug.log and http.log. Save.
  3. Run Service eborder reconfig
  4. After the behavior has been reproduced, conduct the following
  5. Manually edit the /opt/permeo/debug.conf file.
  6. Turn off debug.log and http.log. Save.
  7. Run "Service eborder reconfig"
  8. Collect the Client AND Server debug.log and http.log files.

Again, do not leave the system in Low Level Debug mode. 

Once you collect the files, submit them to Support via the SR number you obtain when you open your case.

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