How do I upgrade to 6.1.1.x?

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Published date:    12/09/2010
Updated:    12/16/2010


Downloading the SGOS 6.x License (Pre-software Installation).
By default, automatic license check is enabled (the Use Auto-Update option is selected on the Maintenance > Licensing > Install tab—a current, valid license is required to configure the option).
This means that the ProxySG appliance automatically checks for license updates upon reboot or once daily for a month before the currently installed license expires. If all four of the following conditions are met, the ProxySG appliance retrieves and installs the SGOS 6.x license:

  • The ProxySG appliance running the previous version also supports SGOS 6.x (see "Determining Hardware Support" on page 7).
  • Your enterprise has a valid entitlement/service contract from Blue Coat.
  • Use Auto-Update is enabled.
  • The ProxySG appliance can connect to the Internet.

If the first two conditions are met, but the Use Auto-Update option is not enabled or the ProxySG appliance cannot connect to the Internet, click the Update button to install the license.

If you have already downloaded and installed SGOS 6.x, you cannot use the Retrieve or Update buttons to generate a new license at this point in the process. Manual licensing is described in the step following the software installation step—or you can downgrade to the previous release and retrieve the license as described above

Please reference the Upgrade/Downgrade guide.


6.X UP.DOWN.pdf
214K • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband

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