I have just upgraded to SGOS v5.5. Why do clients on my network receive an exception page when an HTTP network failure occurs?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1231
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/16/2011
Updated:    03/29/2011


By default on SGOS v5.5, an enhanced HTTP feature called 'HTTP Network Failure Transparency' is enabled. Therefore,  the ProxySG serves a 'TCP_ERROR' exception page when an upstream server connection error occurs.

If you would like to disable this feature, so that an exception is not served to clients on your network when a connection failure occurs, log into the ProxySG CLI and enter

  SG#(config) http no exception-on-network-error  

The ProxySG behavior will now be the same as v5.4 and earlier versions.


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