What is the multiple CPU core extention for SNMP MIB on SGOS or above?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1244
Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/20/2011
Updated:    11/08/2013


With SGOS version, and, the SNMP MIB has been extended to support multiple CPU cores.

The new OID is defined as a table in the BLUECOAT-SG-PROXY-MIB file with the following sub-OIDs.


1 - sgProxyCpuCoreIndex
2 - sgProxyCpuCoreUpTime
3 - sgProxyCpuCoreBusyTime
4 - sgProxyCpuCoreIdleTime
5 - sgProxyCpuCoreUpTimeSinceLastAccess
6 - sgProxyCpuCoreBusyTimeSinceLastAccess
7 - sgProxyCpuCoreIdleTimeSinceLastAccess
8 - sgProxyCpuCoreBusyPerCent
9 - sgProxyCpuCoreIdlePerCent

For example, in a quad core ProxySG, the following OIDs will return the CPU busy values:

CPU0 - .
CPU1 - .
CPU2 - .
CPU3 - .

Note: If you tried to obtain the above objects using SNMP V1 protocol, sgProxyCpuCoreBusyPerCent and sgProxyCpuCoreIdlePerCent are available to get the statuses. If you are using SNMP V2c, all objects but sgProxyCpuCoreIndex status can be shown.

Note2:  In current SGOS Software, only available each CPU statistics in Multi-Cores, instead overall or average number, like as above.


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