What are the policy functions available on a CacheFlow device?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1314
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/23/2011
Updated:    09/23/2013


CacheFlow appliances have an advanced modular policy capability called Policy Function which is delivered to CFOS via CachPulse.

The functions can be enabled via GUI or Local Policy definition. Here are the list of available policy function as of September 2013:

CF5000#sh policy functions

  Name: remove_x_forwarded_for_header
    Status: normal
    Description: Remove the X-Forwarded-For header from client requests

  Name: enforce_safe_search
    Status: normal
    Description: Enforce "safe search" mode for search engines

  Name: optimize_broadband_speed_check
    Status: normal
    Description: Cache normally uncacheable requests for broadband speed measurements

  Name: enable_request_via_header
    Status: normal
    Description: Enable the standard HTTP "Via" header in requests from the appliance to servers

  Name: enable_response_via_header
    Status: normal
    Description: Enable the standard HTTP "Via" header in responses from the appliance to clients

  Name: custom_multi_session_download_handling
    Status: normal
    Description: Use to increase download speed at the risk of bandwidth savings

  Name: cache_redirected_upstream_content
    Status: normal
    Description: Use advanced techniques to cache content redirected or repackaged by upstream Service Provider caching; use only when upstream providers are actively redirecting/relocating content to alternate hosts.



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