How to replace DLP Motherboard, Restoring Asset Tag and Blue Coat Serial Number?

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Published date:    05/11/2011


These steps assume that the motherboard has been replaced correctly by a trained Dell technician.  As such the Dell original serial number for the system should have been written to the new motherboard.  This is a vital step that must be done before any of the following steps are done.

Restore the appliance asset tag is vital to be able to restore full functionality to the appliance.  Without a properly written appliance asset tag the appliance will be unable to access it configuration files, and in 7.1+ appliance its copy retained data.   It is also important to restore the Blue Coat serial, but the system will function without this serial number.

Considerations for servicing the system:

•    Double check with the dell tech that the Dell serial number has been restored.
•    Do not boot the system prior to restoring the appliance asset tag.
•    Without an appliance asset tag you with need to reinstall the system with the factory installation cdrom.  In this case data on the appliance is not recoverable.
•    Note that when this document refers to the Blue Coat serial number.  The number in question is the Blue Coat 6 digit date based code.  NOT the combined Dell and Blue Coat serial number.
•    Note that the appliance asset tag is written to the mother cmos, while the Blue Coat serial number is written to the “Product Asset Tag” in the FRU.

Restoring the appliance asset tag, and Blue Coat serial number:

1.    Obtain a recovery cdrom, and insert the cdrom in the drive.
2.    Power on the system.
3.    At the isolinux hit enter.
4.    At the password prompt use the user name “root”, and the password “password”.
5.    Run the program “inst_pk”, and note the computed asset tag.
6.    Run the program bc_serial with the 6 digit Blue Coat serial number as an argument, “bc_serial <6 digit serial #>”.  Be sure the serial number is correct as the tool does no sanity checking.
7.    Reboot system from cdrom, and log back in.  The command, “reboot” will reboot the system.
8.    Check the appliance asset tag against the asset tag from 5 via the command,”assetTag”.
9.    Check the Blue Coat serial number written to the “Product Asset Tag” field in the fru via the command “ipmitool fru print 0”. 
10.    Remove the cdrom and enter the “reboot” command.
11.    The system may now be booted normally.

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