Why can't I access some web sites after enabling ADN?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1462
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/22/2011
Updated:    07/27/2011


Sometimes after you enable ADN, clients are unable to access some web sites.

The ProxySG PCAP shows that the ProxySG is sending the SYN request upstream, but NO response is seen.

Because the ProxySG does not receive a response from the server, the ProxySG responds to the client with Network error (tcp_error) when browsing the web site. The packet capture shows a 503 error returned by the ProxySG to the client.


Disable ADN for the particular web sites that you are having problems with.

For example, if your clients cannot access web site http://mail.mazars.in/ you would create a new service for that site and disable ADN on it as follows:

  1. Create http "Mazars" "Standard"
  2. edit "Mazars" ;mode
  3. add  8080 intercept
  4. attribute use-adn disable
  5. attribute adn-optimize disable
  6. exit

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