Health check 'drtr.rating_service' (IP changed from: OK to Check failed

FAQ ID:    FAQ1515
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/22/2011


If you are receiving the following email alert about the DRTR service for IP, " Health check 'drtr.rating_service' (IP changed from: OK, to: Check failed, and has become sick. Status: A communication error has occurred".

The DRTR service point located in Australia with IP address is overloaded and is being moved to a new data center.

Please note the change:

The new service points will have two systems and will be operational by September 7, 2011. The new IPs will be -


Shortly, after the new service points are operational, you should stop receiving the email alerts.

Please note: If there is a firewall in your network, please create a rule that permits the ProxySG  to access the new service points on ports 80 and 443.


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