I can't create a new report in Reporter, the "New Report" button is greyed out

FAQ ID:    FAQ1518
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/23/2011


There is a configurable limit to the number of reports that can be saved in Reporter.  This is set by deafult to 250, and this number is global i.e. shared by any / all users configured within Reporter.  So for example, if user A has 50 saved reports, user B has 100 saved reports, and User C also has 100 saved reports - the maximum will be reached (50+100+100=250).

This parameter is found in the preferences.cfg file, and is called "max_saved_reports".  So in the preferences.cfg file you will see:

max_saved_reports = 250

This parameter can be increased to cater for a larger number of saved reports by changing the numerical value.  To do this, please shutdown the service first, make sure that the file is not in use and that you have the proper access/modify privileges.  Make the change, save the file, and then restart the service.


This parameter is set to 250 by default as this is the best practice recommendation.  Any changes to this value are made at your own risk.

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