Does Reporter set limits on activities you can do?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1524
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/24/2011
Updated:    08/29/2011


The Reporter team has set limits on how many concurrent activities you can do, and we don't recomend you change them. These limits are stored in the preferences.cfg file, as outlined below.

NOTE: Changing them can lead to un-intended consequences, and should only done by advanced users.  If you wish to change them, stop the reporter service before you do. Otherwise, the changes will be overwritten with data from memory when the reporter service next restarts.

To view the file, open the preferences.cfg file in a simple text editor.

  • For linux, this file will be found in /var/opt/bc/reporter/settings.
  • For Windows, this file will be found in <installed drive>\Program Files\Bluecoat Reporter 9\settings

  limits = {
    max_databases = "50"
    max_sources = "150"
    max_templates = "100"
    max_users = "100"
    max_roles = "100"
    max_realms = "10"
    max_groups = "100"
    max_panes = "25"
    max_saved_reports = "250"
    max_filter_templates = "25"

NOTE1:  For more details on each of these values please download a copy of the latest Reporter release notes here.

NOTE1: Other relevant articles:

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For details on how to change the webserver port number, see FAQ283

For details on how to change to IPV6, see FAQ469


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