Why doesn't my SGOS 5.x ProxySG appliance rule for client.certificate.requested=yes policy work all the time?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1528
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/25/2011
Updated:    03/14/2014


As described in FAQ893, SGOS v5.5.3.1 includes a feature "client.certificate.requested" policy for SSL proxy. However, SGOS software has limitations for this policy, as described in SGOS v5.5.x release notes:

❐ The SSL renegotiating feature causes a situation where when an IIS Server or a HTTP Server asks for the certificate, the following policy rule on the SSL Proxy will not work: client.certificate.requested=yes. The reason for this limitation is that the SSL Proxy does not run any policy rules during SSL renegotiations. The current workaround is to create a policy for these websites where SSL tunneling is set up instead of an intercept option.
For example:
url=http://www.example.com ssl.forward_proxy(no)
For SGOS V6, SGOS V6.4.1.1 and above includes an enhancement for SSL Client Certificate Renegotiation. This enhancement negates the above limitation.


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