How to define policy to manage RSS feeds?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1545
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/31/2011


Because RSS feeds typically use HTTP, and are categorized based on the domain from which they are served, writing policy to handle them (for purposes of authentication exemptions, caching decisions, permission or bandwidth management) is not obvious.  However, RSS feeds identify themselfs in the HTTP response header as traffic is returned to the user and we can use this to write policy on the proxy.

In content policy language, a destination to match against RSS content appears as follows:


Here's how to create the same object in the visual policy manager:

  • Open a web access layer and create a new rule.
  • Set the destination of the rule to a New > Response Header
  • Name the response header
  • Select 'Content-type' from the header name drop-down menu
  • Define the header RegEx as: application/rss+xml
  • click ok, ok then proceed to define the intended source and/or action for this rule
  • Install policy.



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