How to effectively use the Blue Coat Knowledge Base to Search, Subscribe and submit Feedback on content

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Version:    4.0
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Published date:    06/09/2009
Updated:    11/12/2013


The Blue Coat Knowledge Base contains a wealth of information allowing you to search a variety of document sources including Knowledge Base Articles, Product Manuals, Technical Briefs, White Papers and several other sources. You also have the option to subscribe to content to receive notifications when new articles are created or updated and submit feedback on articles to help improve the quality, accuracy and relevancy of the knowledge base.

Here is a list of tips and tricks to ensure you're getting the most value out of the knowledge base.

Searching Best Practices

  • Enter complete questions using your own words.
    For example: What do the various authentication modes on the ProxySG mean?
  • If you are interested in a particular product or feature, be sure to include that information in your question to get the most precise results.
    For example: Does ProxySG support ICAP?
  • Make your question concise (preferably 8 words or less).
    For example: Does ProxySG have a filter for IM?
  • Use correct spelling and grammar to get the most accurate answers.

  • Boolean operators are not necessary.
    Many search engines use words and symbols (such as AND, NOT, +, and -) as logical operators to define complex searches. The Blue Coat KB search does not rely on logical operators to construct search queries, but treats these words as ordinary parts of the question.
  • Search by Document ID.
    As you use the search tool, you will notice that the documents have unique ID numbers associated with them. For example, the Solution entitled What is SOAP-HTTP? has the ID KB2507. You can access this, or any other document, directly by typing its ID into the search box.
  • Filter your results.
    In order to find specific information be sure to use the Filter Search Results feature, which appears in the left-hand margin after you click Ask. This section displays categories and subcategories to help you further refine your search results. By clicking a subcategory, the search results are refined to the number of documents displayed next to it.

How to Subscribe to Content

The knowledge base allows you to subscribe to content at a variety of levels. Once you are subscribed to a source of information, an email will be sent out informing you that new content is available or that content has been updated. Here are instructions outlining how to subscribe to content.

Note: The Subscriptions button will only appear once you are logged into BlueTouch Online and have an email address associated with your profile. To verify this, once logged in click on My Profile. If you do not have a BlueTouch Online account click here.

To subscribe to a specific KB Article:

  1. Search and select the KB Article you would like to receive notifications on.
  2. Click Subscribe.

To subscribe to a Document Channel:

  1. Click on the Channel name on the top navigation bar (FAQ, Security Advisories, Solutions, etc.).
  2. Below the Channel name click Subscribe.

Note: Please note the Solutions and FAQ Channels are very active channels and will generate a high volume of notifications.

To subscribe to a specific Knowledge Base Category:

  1. Select the Channel from which you would like to receive notifications on (FAQ, Security Advisories, Solutions, etc.).
  2. Select the desired Category (Deployment, OS, Products, Topic).
  3. Below the Channel and Category name click Subscribe.

To manage your subscriptions:

  1. Click My Profile located at the top of the page.
  2. Under Profile select My KB Preferences.
  3. Click Subscriptions to view, renew, or unsubscribe from your Subscriptions.

How to submit Feedback on Content

To submit feedback:

  1. Search and select the KB Article you would like to submit feedback on.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to view the Rate this Page section.
  3. Select the appropriate ratio button next to the question Did this document help answer your question?
  4. Include any relevant comments you have regarding your level of satisfaction with the article. This could include positive or constructive comments about the level of detail, technical accuracy, readability, ease to locate, etc.
  5. Click Rate Content to submit your feedback.



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