The ProxySG appliance is not booting up. What should I do?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1567
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/14/2011


If you are having difficulties with your ProxySG appliance during bootup, check the front panel LEDs to verify functionality before taking additional troubleshooting steps.
  1. If the power LED is amber red after the appliance has fully booted, the issue is most like hardware related.
  2. If power LED is solid green, try the following recommendations:
If you have a multi-disk ProxySG appliance, reboot using one disk at a time to confirm that SGOS is loading up correctly. Testing drives individually for proper bootup indicates if a faulty disk is hindering the boot process. Repeat the procedure until the ProxySG appliance boots up correctly.
Note: To save time, Blue Coat recommends that you connect a serial console cable from the ProxySG appliance to a PC and open a terminal window to view the serial output (you can use software like TeraTerm, Putty, etc).
If SGOS is not loading up on the console screen and you are using one disk at a time, verify if any upgrade cards, such as a pass-thru or SSL card, were recently installed. If a PCI card was recently added, remove the card and reboot the appliance.
If the appliance does not boot up, please call Blue Coat support.


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