How to get Reporter to show program downloads

FAQ ID:    FAQ1572
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/16/2011


It is possible for Reporter to display what program files (EXE, MSI) have been downloaded by reporting on the ‘Content-Type’ field. Software downloads are usually associated with the content types ‘application/x-msdos-program’ and ‘application/octet-stream’ (although some servers may use a different content type).

Go to the ‘Reports’ tab and select the ‘Content Type’ report. This will display a list of all recorded content types. Scroll through the pages until you find ‘application/x-msdos-program’.

Select its ‘Drill in’ button to display the 'Full Log Detail'. This will display a full list of all EXE files that have been downloaded.

Perform the same process for the application/octet-stream’ Content Type.


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