What does mean the exception "Expired SSL Server Certificate (ssl_server_cert_expired)" ?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1586
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/27/2011


If you are intercepting HTTPS traffic and trying to access a HTTPS web site the proxy prompts the exception: "Expired SSL Server Certificate" and the following default error message:


Expired SSL Server Certificate (ssl_server_cert_expired)


Your request contacted a host which presented an expired or Invalid certificate

This is typically caused by a Web Site presenting an incorrect or invalid certificate, but could be because of a configuration error.


For assistance, contact your network support team.



It means that something has gone wrong with certificate validity check. You can check the certificate validity values from your browser because it could be expired or not yet valid:

Certificate Validity Error message


The problem could be related to a Proxy time and date misconfiguration. You can check the clock and date from the GUI of your Proxy:

How to check clock and date by GUI


or from the CLI: - Blue Coat SG210 Series>show clock

  UTC time:     2001-09-26 14:58:50+00:00UTC

  Local time:   2001-09-26 14:58:50-00:00UTC

  Timezone:     UTC - Blue Coat SG210 Series>

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