How do you configure the ProxySG appliance to send BASIC username and password to upstream server or proxy?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1650
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/18/2011


SGOS 5.5.x Command Line Interface Reference
Page 320

#(config IWA realm_name) server-authentication {none | origin | proxy}

Enables/disables the forwarding of BASIC credentials of the authenticated user to the origin content
server or for proxy authentication. Flush the entries for a realm if the server-authentication value is
changed to ensure that the server-authentication value is immediately applied.

You can only choose one server-authentication method:
• If set to origin, BASIC credentials are forwarded to an upstream server.
• If set to proxy, BASIC credentials are forwarded to an upstream proxy.
• If set to none, forwarding BASIC credentials is disabled.

This only works when IWA realm is configured to support BASIC only; both NTLM and Kerberos must be disabled.

This same setting works for LDAP realm also.

The HTTP request sent from the ProxySG to the upstream server or proxy includes the username and password.
Authorization: Basic username:password(BASE64 encrypted)


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