How to disable the ProxyClient webfilter driver to help prevent a system crash

FAQ ID:    FAQ1681
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/31/2011


Problems have been reported whereby the ProxyClient software causes a Windows system crash (Blue Screen of Death). On some occasions, this problem is caused by the ProxyClient WebFilter driver conflicting with other software within the PC. To allow the PC to continue to run whilst such a problem is investigated it is possible to disable the ProxyClient webfilter driver from loading.

  1. Go to Device Manager and select 'View / Show hidden devices'.

  2. Expand 'Non Plug-and Play Drivers', scroll down to the 'proxyclientwebfilter' entry and double-click to select it.  
  3. --> 

  4. Disable the driver by selecting 'Device usage: Do not use this device in any hardware profiles (disable)'.

The next time the system reboots the driver will not be loaded. Consequently, the web filtering functionality of ProxyClient will stop. LAN acceleration will continue to work.

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