How to find all auto-discovered classes in the PacketShaper configuration?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1684
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/31/2011


The best way to find all auto-discovered traffic classes is to examine the config.ldi file. You can open the file using an editing tool. When you find "iqosDiscovered: true" in the class attributte, the class is auto-discovered.  The following is an example to show that /inbound/MS-Exchange is an auto-discovered class.

dn: ou=MS-Exchange,ou=inbound,ou=Inbound,ou=/default,ou=pscfg,o=iqos
iqosClassID: 1563929540
iqosDiscovered: true
iqosInsideService: Client
iqosOutsideService: MS-Exchange-Dir


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