What does the following event mean, "Received disconnect from remote host:11: Bye Bye" 0 46000C:1 ../ssh_log.cpp:60

FAQ ID:    FAQ1708
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/14/2011


The event,

"Received disconnect from remote host:11: Bye Bye"  0 46000C:1   ../ssh_log.cpp:60

Means that an application is trying to log into the proxy using SSH.  This disconnect message means the attempt was unsuccessful.  If you see a large number of these events, it frequently means that the management port of the ProxySG is accessible from the internet.  If this is true these events indicate that an application is attempting to "guess"  a username and password to gain access to the proxy.  There have been cases in the past where the logon attempts happen so frequently it can effect the CPU utilization of the proxy.  It is best practice to prevent access to the SSH port from the internet.  



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