The search criteria disapears once I export to a PDF file.

FAQ ID:    FAQ1709
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/14/2011
Updated:    11/14/2011


To duplicate this issue, follow these steps.

  • Login to reporter with your admin credentials
  • Run a report such as the "Blocked Web browsing per User" report.
  • Enter a  criteria that you are sure will produce no results, such as a client ip with
  • Run the report.

Result1: Note that the criteria is declared on the HTML report, along with a report with no data.

  • Export to PDF.

Result2: Note that the PDF report also produces the same report, but shows no declared criteria.

NOTE: This has been reported to Bluecoat Engineering. If you see this result, log a service request with Bluecoat and quote this article.

Links to other relevant articles:

For details on how to create custom reports, see KB3500

For details on how to use a custom denied page, see KB3511

For another issue with exporting some reports to PDF format, see FAQ897

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