How to setup the SSL Preserve Untrusted Issuer feature in SGOS 6.3 ?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1773
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/19/2011
Updated:    10/15/2013


The following Content Policy Language (CPL) demonstrates how to setup the Preserve Untrusted Issuer feature in SGOS 6.3 :

    ssl.forward_proxy(https) ssl.forward_proxy.issuer_keyring(default)

You can also configure the Global Setting through the following CLI Commands :

SG210#config term
SG210#(config ssl)proxy preserve-untrusted ?
 disable                      Do not preserve untrusted certificate issuer
 enable                       Preserve untrusted certificate issuer
SG210#(config ssl)proxy preserve-untrusted enable
SG210#(config ssl)exit

Notes :

1. Replace the "default" keyring with the keyring you have configured for your SSL Forward Proxy.

2. For further information and explanations, please refer to the SGOS 6.3 Administration Guide.

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