Scheduled reports fonts changed to other language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

FAQ ID:    FAQ1790
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/27/2011



Scheduled reports fonts changed to other language, although customer did not change the font to non-English language

To duplicate this:

  • In Reporter login page's bottom right corner you can see the language option. Select "English (US)" option and login as "user_admin".
  • TIP: This problem will occur whenever "user_admin" logs in using non-English Locale.

 To see the changes that have just been made, see preferences.cfg by opening this file:  From reporter folder path:  \Blue Coat Reporter 9\settings\preferences.cfg, we should see use_admin language locale as below:

preferences = { 

  miscellaneous = { 

    language = "english" 

    charset = "UTF-8" 

  } # miscellaneous


Ensure all scheduled reports are logged under the same user, such as admin,  and always use this user to log in using english locale.

Root cause: “user_admin” has to login with English locale. Once “user_admin” login with English locale, the language will become “en-us” in user_info\user_admin.cfg. Then automatically all the reports scheduled by admin user will pick up the English fonts.

LINKS to other articles:

For details of another double byte issue, see FAQ1261

For information on what other information is contained in the preferences.cfg file, see FAQ1524

For another issue relating to the admin user, see KB3345

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