How to export and import the Visual Policy Manager (VPM)

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Published date:    06/19/2009
Updated:    09/02/2009



ProxySG version 4.x or 5.x
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All customized configuration has already been added to the destination ProxySG.  This includes authentication realms, custom access logs, SSL keys, bandwidth management classes, content filtering category lists, and other items not created completely inside the VPM.

Exporting the VPM

  • Browse to the Management Console of the ProxySG → Configuration tab → Policy → Policy Files → Visual Policy Files sub-tab
  • Click the VPM-XML button, a new window showing the XML layout of the VPM pops up
  • Save this (typically by clicking File → Save As or Save Page As) as a text (.txt) or XML (.xml) file

Importing the VPM

  • Browse to the Management Console of the ProxySG → Configuration tab → Policy → Policy Files → Visual Policy Files sub-tab
  • Click the drop-down box for "Install VPM-XML from" and choose Local File
  • Find the file you saved in the export step above and click Open.  The file will be automatically installed, but not yet active.
  • Launch the VPM by browsing to the Configuration Tab → Policy → Visual Policy Manager
  • Once launched, click Install Policy.  This will make the VPM rules and conditions active.


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