Using OCSP and CRLs

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Published date:    01/25/2012


The attached document is a 1-pager about the importance of using OCSP, and contains a summary about how to configure it. It provides a "use case" point of view. 




Customer Pain Point

The recent issues with Certificate Authorities (e.g. Comodo and DigiNotar) have shattered the trust in public key infrastructures.

Hacked root CAs introduces the risk for undetected man-in-the-middle attacks.

Major concerns are Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and issues like loss of intellectual property or malware infection.



Centralized certificate management is the most secure way to address these risks. Real-time certificate validation is a key requirement and OCSP is the technology to fulfill this requirement.


Business Value

Employees are protected from being lured to open fraudulent web pages. This prevents possible data leakage or malware issues.




298K • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband

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