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The attached document is a 1-pager about the importance of web application controls for social networking applications like facebook.

It contains a summary about how to configure it (Blue Coat Cloud Service and Blue Coat ProxySG). It provides a "use case" point of view. 

Customer Pain Point
There are concerns that employees:
  • post confidential data on Facebook
  • post content which other users see as an official company statement on Facebook

Both could lead at least to reputation damage.

One option for companies is to simply block all Facebook access in the workspace. Unfortunately this not only will cause disgruntled employees but it also negates some of the positive elements of using Facebook as a business tool.
Feedback from our customers is, that they need granular social networking controls and application specific actions.
Business Value
Authorized employees (e.g. from the marketing depart) would still be able to use Facebook as a business tool and to post content while other users are allowed to use Facebook with “read-only” permissions.


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