Why can I not automatically boot into an OS version that has been marked as FAILED?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1897
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/14/2012


When an OS version is marked as the default version fails to boot, the boot loader will mark the version as "FAILED". Doing so prevents continual reboots if something catastrophic happens and the OS version is unable to boot any longer.

Even if that version is in fact working correctly and would boot if actually selected, the mechanism will not allow it to automatically load. 

To manually boot an OS version marked as FAILED, connect to the ProxySG serial console and reboot the appliance. You will be presented with a screen such as:

This machine has the following bootable systems:

>1: Version: SGOS, Release ID: 45225
Monday August 2 2010 06:11:57 UTC, Boot Status: Last boot FAILED
2: Version: SGOS, Release id: 46382
Friday July 2 2010 22:19:20 UTC, Boot Status: Last boot succeeded
3: Version: SGOS, Release ID: 36839
Monday August 2 2010 04:49:48 UTC, Boot Status: Last boot succeeded
4: Version: SGOS, Release id: 45055
Tuesday March 23 2010 21:29:18 UTC, Boot Status: Last boot succeeded
5: Version: SGOS, Release id: 45225
Thursday April 8 2010 04:05:31 UTC, Boot Status: Last boot succeeded

The default boot system is:
2: Version: SGOS, Release id: 46382

Press the space key to select an alternate system to boot.

Seconds remaining until the default system is booted: 5

Even though 1 is actually the default, the 2nd OS will actually boot because of the "FAILED" listed. Simply press the space key before the 5-second timer expires, select the FAILED version (1 in this case) and press <enter>. This will boot the version you select. If the system is unable to boot that and it is legitimately not bootable, then the above behavior will continue to happen and the last successful version will boot instead.


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