About WCCP interface weighting and load distribution

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Version:    1.0
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Published date:    02/29/2012



In WCCP configuration, the (optional) weight value for an interface determines the proportion of traffic that the router redirects to this interface. The weight value can range from 1 to 255 inclusive.

By default, weight value is set to 0, which means equal distribution to all ProxySG in the cluster. If configured, it should be set on every nodes in the cluster.

Use this field only if you are redirecting traffic in the same service group to multiple interfaces or to multiple ProxySG appliances and you want to allocate the percentage of traffic redirected to each ProxySG and/or interface in the service group.

Weight value is relative to the values of all other members of the cluster.


WCCP weight



In in a cluster you have has two SG 9000s and two SG 810s, and you want the 9000s to handle 80% of the traffic and 810s to handle 20% of the traffic.

Correct weight values will be:

- 9000 (1): 40

- 9000 (2): 40

- 810 (1) : 10

- 810 (2) : 10




- 9000 (1): 200

- 9000 (2): 200

- 810 (1) : 50

- 810 (2) : 50




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