What does the CLI command "Show status" do?

FAQ ID:    FAQ1997
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/14/2012


This CLI command will provide more in depth software and hardware information (above the "show version" output) which may be useful when logging support cases or for internal documentation.


For example, from the proxy CLI:

Blue Coat SG210 >show status

  Name:           - Blue Coat SG210 Series
  Disks installed:         1
  Memory available:        999 megabytes
  Memory installed:        1024 megabytes
  CPUs installed:          1
  Software version:        SG
  Release id:              78243
  Machine id:              00D07304FD67
  Serial number:           6107067057
  NIC 0 MAC:               00D07304FD67
  Primary IP:    

General status:
  System started:          2012-03-12 07:54:34-00:00UTC
  Concurrent Users:        0
  CPU utilization:         4%
  Memory utilization:      58%
  ADN:                     Disabled
  ProxyClient:             Manager Disabled
  WCCP:                    Disabled


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