What is a PacketWise image desk build?

FAQ ID:    FAQ2054
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/03/2012
Updated:    09/17/2013


Engineering creates a desk build that includes a potential bug fix and additional saving, logging information for further troubleshooting or as a test bed for the bug.

The desk build will be based on the version that the customer is currently running. Desk builds are not available to download and are provided to customers as a temporary fix before the bug fix is merged into the next maintenance release.

An example appears below:

System up for 189 days 6 hours 39 mins 9 secs
  Version:                  PacketShaper v8.6.6_B165340_b2 2011-08-16  
  Product:                  PacketShaper 7500
  Part Number:         090-02814-00 REV F
  Serial Number:      175-18888888
  Memory:                  2016MB RAM, 121.2MB System Disk total, 96.7MB System Disk available

PacketShaper v8.6.6_B165340_b2 2011-08-16  

1) Desk build is based on PacketWise version 8.6.6g1.
2) Bug# is 165340.
3) Release date is August 16, 2011.


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