Does ProxyClient Web Filtering Auto-Detection support the use of multiple BCWF licenses?

FAQ ID:    FAQ2112
Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/30/2012
Updated:    09/16/2013


 Yes, the ProxyClient Web Filtering Auto-Detection feature DOES support the use of multiple BCWF licenses. This is ideal for when users travel from office to office throughout the company. Since, for security purposes, ProxyClient will only delegate to a filtering ProxySG when it is presenting the same BCWF license that the ProxyClient receives from the client manager, it is important that each BCWF license in use by the company is included in the Web Filtering Auto-Detection policy.

When entering multiple BCWF licenses in the Web Filtering Auto-Detection policy of a ProxySG, the syntax will appear as shown in the following example (licenses separated by comma, within quotes):



request.header.Host="sp.cwfservice.net" action.i_am_filtering(yes)

define action i_am_filtering
set (response.x_header.X-BCWF-License,

For more information on the Web Filtering Auto-Detection feature, see KB4646.


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