Is it possible to automate the upload of the ProxySG configuration settings to an FTP server?

FAQ ID:    FAQ2176
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/26/2012
Updated:    09/12/2012



Yes, you can automate the upload process and execute it at a scheduled time. Use the steps below to automate the process.


  • The ProxySG appliance must be configured as an FTP client.
  • You must have the Plink utility. It comes with the PuTTy package.

Note: If you have multiple ProxySG appliances, you can use the Blue Coat Director to manage the ProxySG appliances and schedule jobs to automate configuration backups.

Step 1: Create a text file (ex: SshCommandsFile.txt) with the following CLI commands. Replace the Enable_Password text below with the enable password configured on your ProxySG appliance.



Configure terminal



Step 2: Create a windows batch file (ex: upload_config.bat) and copy the following text. Replace the text adminusername with the adminpass with the administrator credentials for the FTP server.

 Plink –ssh –l adminusername –pw adminpass  –m SshCommandsFile.txt

Step 3: Schedule a task to run the batch file as needed.

For example to schedule a daily task on Windows 7:

    - Start "Task Scheduler".

    - Set Actions as "start a program" and browse to the batch file (ex: upload_config.bat).

    - Set triggers as "on a schedule" , and set the desired time.

    -  Enter the proper credentials when prompted.



·         Appropriate file permissions need to be configured to protect the passwords.

·         It is helpful to have task results, by adding argument (>> logs.log) to task action properties.

·         It is much easier if you add Putty folder to windows environments variable (PATH)

·         Absolute path to the files locations could be specified as:

 C:\ Putty\plink.exe  –ssh –l adminusername –pw adminpass  –m C:\Putty\SshCommandsFile.txt

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