How can ProxySG the display client IP address into custom notification page (Notify User page)?

FAQ ID:    FAQ2207
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/02/2013
Updated:    10/02/2013


SGOS has configurable notification pages, such as the Notify User policy object or Policy Exceptions definitions. Here's an example of a notification message that includes the client IP address.


You are now accessing restricted URL page from [$(client.address)] client address.

Click on Accept.
<!-- The following is the Accept button, which you can customize. -->
<p><a href="$(exception.details)" onclick="Accept();">Accept</a>



In addition to the client IP address, SGOS has other CPL Substitutions, such as:

  • $(url) => client requested URL
  • $(url.host) => URL hostname
  • $(user) => Authenticated username
  • $(proxy.name) => ProxySG appliance's hostname


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