Why do our BGP neighbors reset when PacketShaper is rebooted

FAQ ID:    FAQ290
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/30/2009



       Question:  When we reset our PacketShaper device, we noticed that our BGP neighbors, using the link also reset.

       Anwser:  When the PacketShaper resets, there will be a short time where the unit will not bypass, and link will be lost. This should only last for a few brief seconds. 

Note:  this behavior of BGP neighbors resetting are for topologies where the PacketShaper sits between 2 BGP peers.  To avoid this issue, our recommendation is to place a switch between the PS device

and the inside BGP router (internal) and turned off < no bgp fast-external-fallover> on both of the routers.


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