How do you obtain a crash dump for Reporter running on the Windows operating system?

FAQ ID:    FAQ363
Version:    8.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/13/2009
Updated:    03/12/2010


If you are running Windows 2008, please see FAQ382.

Ensure your Dr Watsons is setup and configured for the right directory.

  • §Go to Start > Run > drwtsn32 -i and click on OK. NOTE:  This installs Dr. Watson as the postmortem or default debugger.
  • Go to to Start > Run > drwtsn32
  • Choose "Full"  for type of  Crash Dump.
  • And choose the following check boxes:
    • Dump Symbol Table
    • Dump All Thread Contexts
    • Append to Existing Log File
    • Visual Notification
    • Create Crash Dump File


Please make a note of where the Dr. Watson log file will be written to.  Following all the above steps will enable Dr. Watson to become the default debugger, generate the DrWatson log, and create a user dump file when an application crashes.

§If Reporter crashes, collect the Dr. Watson log and crash dump files (usually named recovermp) and upload them to your Service Request (SR).  Blue Coat Support also needs the diagnostics file from within Reporter, and know exactly what was happening or what you were doing with Reporter at the time of the crash.

NOTE: If the Reporter service has been set to start automaticly, then the user.dmp file will be overwritten each time it crashes, so we need to set this to a manual start, to ensure we get the very first memory dump.

Here's what the screen should look like:

For more information on Dr. Watson, please see the following Microsoft Articles:




NOTE1:  In some cases a user.dmp file might not be created, even after configuring the server with the above instructions.  In some cases, this may be solved by adding the hot fix, as detailed in this MS article.


 NOTE2:  You can test to see if you are configured properly to get a memory dump, you can use this Microsoft article:


NOTE3: On rare occasions there may be no swap drive configured, which is known to prevent memory dumps being created.  This swap file needs to be large enough to hold all the memory plus one megabyte. 

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