What information does ProxySG send to WebPulse (DRTR)?

FAQ ID:    FAQ411
Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/25/2009
Updated:    02/05/2014


Information SGOS version < 5.4.1

SGOS version >= 5.4.1(service send-request-info disable)

SGOS version >= 5.4.1(service send-request-info enable) SGOS version >= 6.4 (service send-request-info disable) SGOS version >= 6.4 (service send-request-info enable)
Customer License Key
(Example: QA852-KL3RA)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(Examples: http, ftp)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(Examples: GET, POST)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Host Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Path1 Yes Yes Yes2 Yes Yes2
URL Query String No No Yes2 No Yes2
Referer Header No No Yes2 No Yes2
User-Agent Header No No Yes2 No Yes2
Content-Type No No No No Yes2
Content-Length No No No No Yes2

1. Path = URL minus any query string.
2. Can be controlled using Content Policy Language (CPL).

 For privacy reasons information from intercepted HTTPS traffic and private network traffic is not sent to WebPulse.

This data transmitted from ProxySGs to Webpulse is confidential.

Blue Coat uses this data to provide content filtering and malware protection updates to its customers.

This data is not used to profile a customer’s web usage.

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