What is BCAAA?

FAQ ID:    FAQ422
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/01/2009
Updated:    09/02/2009


The software referred to as BCAAA (Blue Coat Authentication and Authorization Agent) is a software that is installed on a domain server (not necessarily a domain controller, a member server is enough) and acts as an intermediary between the ProxySG and the domain.

Basically, without the BCAAA, it is not possible to do IWA / NTLM authentication, or to use Windows/Novell SSO.


The BCAAA agent version must match the version running on the ProxySG, so if the ProxySG is running, then the BCAAA agent version has to be (file name in this case would be bcaaa_5.4.2.2_41580.zip)


You can find the BCAAA software by first going to download.bluecoat.com -> downloads -> choose the version of SGOS currently running on the ProxySG.

Once logged in, you will see a list of model numbers and next to those, you will find a link for the BCAAA


You can also use the links below to access the BCAAA software. Simply click on the branch of SGOS you are running, and in the next window, click on the "BCAAA Window" link next to the specific version of SGOS.


ProxySG Latest Release Release Date
SGOS5.4 SG5.4.2.2 2009-08-10
SGOS5.3 SG5.3.3.1 2009-05-04
SGOS5.2 SG5.2.6.1 2009-04-08
SGOS5.1 SG5.1.6.1 2008-06-17
SGOS4 SG4.3.3.1 2009-06-11
SGOS3 SG3.2.8.6 2008-03-28

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