Which Unix commands are available in the PacketShaper command-line?

FAQ ID:    FAQ541
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/13/2009
Updated:    10/13/2009


The following Unix-like commands are available from the PacketShaper command-line.  However, all options normally found in the equivalent Unix command may not be present:

  • Commands and filenames are case insensitive while command options are not.
  • Shell globbing is present so * and ? as wildcards are not available. 
  • These commands cannot be executed within a command file and  they will not be available for command scheduling.


cat - Output a file

usage: cat [-benstv] filename...


cd - Change directory

usage: cp <file1> <file2>


cp - Copy a file

usage: cp [-i] src target; or: cp [-irR] src1 ... srcN directory


echo - Display a line of text

usage: echo <string>


head - Display the first part of file

usage: head [-n] filename...


ls - Display directory listing on flash-disk. Use -l for details.

usage: ls [-lR] [filename...]


mkdir - Make directory

usage: mkdir [-p] dirname ...


more - Display a file a screen at a time

usage: cat [-benstv] filename...


mv - Move/rename a file

usage: mv [-if] src target; or: mv [-if] src1 ... srcN directory


rm - Remove a file

usage: rm [-rif] filename...


rmdir - Remove a directory

usage: rmdir directory ...


tail - Display the last part of file

usage: tail [+|-number[lc]] filename


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