How to redirect to an URL/page when transparent IWA authentication fails.

FAQ ID:    FAQ548
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/20/2009


1. Go to VPM

2. Go to Web Authentication layer

3. On the authentication rule, right click on action and select set

4. Click on New > combined Action object, give it a name

5. Select the IWA realm and click Add

6. Click on New > Permit Authentication Error, give it a name

7. Click on Selected Errors then click All except User Credentials Required and hit Ok

8. Select the new object and click Add, click OK to finish.

9. Now go to Web Access layer

10. Create a new rule for the redirect and right click on source and hit set

11. Repeat step 6, 7 to create a permit authentication error object and select it.

12. On the Action, you could use return redirect for a specific web site, Notify User to give them a coaching page or return exception to give them a exception page.


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