How can I exclude flash content from caching?

FAQ ID:    FAQ556
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/26/2009


Some websites are designed to embed several static flash (.swf) objects, such as newstickers, banners and dynamic content.

In certain cases, the ProxySG appliance caches the embedded flash objects and the object has been set to non-expiry on the OCS (origin content server).


In the VPM, Create a layer guard based on file extension ".swf". and a Web Access layer to set the content to "DO NOT CACHE". You might include a destination OCS if necessary.

Condition definitions:
  define condition FileExtension1
  end condition FileExtension1

;; Tab: [Web Content Layer (1)]
 <Cache> condition=FileExtension1           ;Guard Rule     ; Flash filetype.swf
                              cache(no)           ; Rule 1



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