How do I disable low-strength cyphers (< 56-bit encryption key)

FAQ ID:    FAQ672
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/05/2010


With PacketWise v8.4.4g1 and above, this can be done under PacketShaper security settings by allow or disallow SSL Low Strength Ciphers.

When this option is set to disallow, PacketWise will not allow ciphers with no authentication or no encryption, nor will it allow ciphers that don't have at least a 56-bit encryption key.

When this option is set to allow (the default), PacketWise will allow ciphers of all strengths, as well as ciphers with no encryption or authentication.


Setup tab > Under SSL Low Strength Ciphers Drop Down List > Select Disallow > Click on apply changes



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