Is there any performance impact if the concurrent host limit is full on a PacketShaper?

FAQ ID:    FAQ709
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/27/2010


The Current count for concurrent hosts is an indication of how many host addresses have been learned by the system, that is, the number of entries currently in the host database. Entries in the host database are not periodically aged out or cleared from memory — instead, they are reused when needed for new hosts. Therefore a value of 0 in the Remaining column does not mean your unit can't accommodate any more hosts — new hosts will simply replace hosts that are no longer active. It is normal and expected to see the number of concurrent hosts at its limit.

PacketShaper# sys limit

Statically allocated objects          Current  Remaining      Total
Traffic classes                           697       1351       2048
Partitions                                  6       1018       1024
Dynamic Partitions                          0       1024       1024
Policies                                    9       2039       2048
Matching rules                           1759       3363       5122
Classes with worst clients/servers          0         16         16
Classes with top talkers/listeners          0         12         12
TCP flows                                   9      39991      40000
Other IP flows                             44      19956      20000
Legacy flows                                4       1996       2000
Concurrent Hosts                        20000          0      20000
MAC Cache Entries                           5       7495       7500
Fragment Cache Entries                      0       4000       4000
Command Contexts                            7         23         30
Compression tunnels                         0          0          0
Compression entries                         0          0          0
Tunnels                                     0         30         30

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