What does the the Bluecoat Reporter journal show when a user attempts to authenticate with a bad user, or password

FAQ ID:    FAQ781
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/01/2010


Here is an excerpt from a Bluecoat Reporter journal when the user either entered in a bad userid, or a bad password.

BCRJ:2010-03-18 20:44:20 (4ba2f314) NOR.WARN.AUTHE
   Invalid local password checksum for user user_e221e6602af911df9098f0004d76775d
BCRJ:2010-03-18 20:44:20 (4ba2f314) NOR.INFO.WEBSE
   PostAuth => Attempted non-existent user

Here's we see both the Authentication (AUTHE)  , and the Webserver  (WEBSE) code responding.

For more information on how to read journal files, and other generic messages found in them, please see KB3460

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