How does the event log ( journal), in Reporter Version 9.x get rotated?

FAQ ID:    FAQ809
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/19/2010
Updated:    07/23/2010


By default the journals are kept in a folder, off the root install folder for Reporter.

The default install folders

  • For LINUX, that folder would be opt/bc/reporter/journal
  • For Windows, that folder would be <installed drive>\Program Files\Bluecoat Reporter 9\journal

Journals are rotated once their size reaches the size of about 5,212 KB.  Once this trigger is reached, a new journal is generated.  The journal named indicates the date, and time it was created.

NOTE: There is no way to manually trigger a rotation.

Journals can be configured for a non-default location, of your choice, by navigating to this place in the User interface:

  • Login to Reporter, with you Admin account, and navigate to the the Administration section of the the user interface.
  • Click on the General settings tab.
  • Click on System settings, and expand it.
  • Click on the option "Directories".
  • Here you can change the journals folder, which is called "System Event Log Directory"

NOTE: The new journal will not be created un till a Reporter service restart is triggered.


NOTE: For information on how to read the journals, in Reporter, see KB3460

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